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1. started my background clearance thing for my doi internship this summer. filling out the "people who know you well" bit made me realize it's been almost five years now that i've known maria; that's probably the longest friendship i've had that hasn't had huge gaps of contact in it (orz).

2. i suppose i'm grateful for the porn battle *g* because i'm reading (and writing!) stuff i wouldn't normally think about, and enjoying it to boot! always good to expand one's experiences, etc.

3. blhhh idk sleep? going to go do that now okay
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1. got THE MOST AMAZING FILL for two out of three of my cas/jimmy prompts for the porn battle, aaaaaaaaa /flailing everywhere

2. finished chapter three of outside last night. (hence the lack of entry last night, whoops. but another reason for the absence: TENTACLE YGO FIC OH MY GOD IT EXISTS) --i am going to be glad that i've found a longer story that i can work on without worrying about triggers (TRAVEL BLIND I AM LOOKING AT YOU). might try some porn battle fills for the heck of it, at least to see where my confidence is at wrt writing porns. (maybe the uriel/tree one. yes.)

3. and i guess i'm kind of grateful my honors science class is using a text that i'm having problems with (to put it lightly)? jared diamond needs to learn how to fucking cite his shit. because it means i'm actually speaking up in class, ha, even if i may be on the way to becoming That Guy.

TAB DUMP - resources wrt publishing
articles by an editor at tor/forge
tips specific to revising fanfics - pretty general, but still useful to keep in mind when editing kingdom
how to submit to tor/forge
don't go on the internet (...oops)
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1. my sister - it's her 20th birthday today. (as though she's let that dictate her, how do you say, consumption of various substances thus far, but that's irrelevant.) she's been going through a real rough patch, but she's doing better now, and we'll be going to dunbarton oaks within the next couple weeks. to just say "she's important to me" feels silly, but there's no other way to say it and be brief.

2. made progress on ch. 3 of outside! ...college is such a time suck. but also was able to clarify the ending of kingdom in a way that didn't feel blitheringly obvious! both in the same day! go me!

3. a friend of mine is having family woes (again) wrt denial of his trans* identity, so i guess i am grateful that my family has never been douchey about such matters? which...seems kind of callous of me to say, but it's true. also, recognizing privilege is important, etc.
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1. just a sprain, not whiplash. at least the guy who ran the stop sign didn't drive through four intersections, rather than three, on the way from alexandria - then i would have been fucked. (those intersections, they really give a driver cred, you know?)

2. finally saw "the king's speech". lovely cinematography, amazing acting, all around great film. best part, though, was having an equally-skeptical family with which to question/discuss the historical veracity. (which is not to say that it was ~wrong~, just, you know, don't take its depiction of events as fact!)

3. remembered how much i like mid-century psychedelic music. (god, it's weird to think of the 1960s-70s as "mid-century".) ahora madza, joe byrd.... i'm sure i'm not really hearing the distortion of it, but maybe that's part of why it appeals to me? who knows. deaf people and music, man.
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comm import complete, now for the fiddling! may leave some things archived on lj and delete them from here, for the sake of streamlining.

will probably use this account for a daily happiness/gratitude journal, if nothing else, because 1. i suck at blogging/keeping up with friendlists and 2. i hear that sort of journaling is good for you
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moving my writing archive here because lj is now officially a cockgrinder.

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